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Our mission is to provide a destination that welcomes travelers and neighbors alike, offering a relaxing environment to enjoy great company and fantastic dishes.  We specialize as a traditional Italian coffee bar while creating an authentic menu of Italian pastries and dishes.  In addition to offering several roasts of coffees and Italian cuisine, we present a fine selection of genuine Sicilian wines. 

Cucina di Rosa begins the day providing our customers with a selection of distinctive coffee roasts to choose from at our welcoming coffee bar.  A variety of pastries accompanies these special roasts, with lunch and dinner menu items consisting of several authentic Italian cuisines with daily specials.  A selection of beer and wine is available joining our coffee bar throughout the evening.  For entertainment, visitors are welcome to enjoy the multitude of unique musical guests joining us regularly throughout the month.     

Our vision is to bring back a little bit of Italy back to our community with a café where people come to meet for one of our special coffee roasts, original specials, or homemade pastries and gelato.  It’s to provide our community with a warm and welcoming place for friends and families to enjoy authentic fare, share a coffee or dessert, and get back to the social atmosphere of face-to-face conversation.  Located in a quaint part of the city, our delicious menu and welcoming environment provides our visitors and neighbors with a locally owned business to experience. 

Whether it’s an early morning pick me up or an evening out socializing with friends, Cucina di Rosa has something special just for you!