Live Musical Performances

Here at Cucina di Rosa, we believe that nothing pairs up with a fine evening out like great company, delicious cuisine, and the energy of live music.  We aim to provide stellar entertainment to match the ambiance and atmosphere that our customers love about our neighborhood getaway.  

A big thanks to all those who have performed at Cucina di Rosa this year, and we look forward to even more fun to be shared with all of our new friends and neighbors!

Vince Chiarelli & Band

After 5 Jazz

Paper Airplane


Rick Burns

Tony's Piano Bar Karaoke

Lombardi's All-Stars

The RockSurfers

Check out the video below for an inside look at a RockSurfers performance here at Cucina di Rosa.  Thank you so much to the Rock Surfers for sharing this great piece!

With weekly performances, make sure to visit our Events page regularly.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook for the most up-to-date information too!  

Joe SandahlCucina di Rosa